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Friday, July 11, 2014

Outhouses gone at Crystal Crescent Beach

Posted on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 1:13 PM

I first noticed the outhouses missing a few weeks ago on one of the first hot weekends of this summer (the outhouses were there when the park opened for the 2014 season and I think they disappeared in early June). I happened to be about 32-weeks pregnant at the time and of course I had a big drink of water before leaving for the beach, and also brought water with me knowing that the beach would have "facilities" when I got there. But upon arriving, no place for relief :( . The beach was busy that day, many people were in the same boat as me. I saw lots of people scooting off trail looking for a place of privacy. Some people may not have known the trail that well and picked poor places. Part way though our walk we hiked up to the usual "look-off rock," this is slightly off trail, but anyone who uses the trail regularly knows that is a usual milestone/resting point for hikers, where we found an embarrassed someone performing number two who obviously thought that he had picked a clever spot. My family uses the beach and park multiple times per week throughout the spring-fall. We have dogs that we take for trail runs in the early morning/or late evening when there are fewer beach-goers, and we also use the beach in high summer to swim and relax. So my concern is not just that a Provincial Park which is so well used SHOULD have bathroom facilities (in my opinion, outhouses were the minimum to meet this need. I would actually think Crystal Crescent supports enough patrons to warrant flushing or composting toilets) but also the issue of sanitation. I mentioned that we have dogs and we ALWAYS pick up after them, but humans who find themselves in a precarious need for faculties don't usually carry poop bags. —Pissed in Sambro

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