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Friday, July 4, 2014

So Sick and Tired of this Crap!

Posted on Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 9:59 AM

This message goes out to the people who are drinking in the park! I am so sick and tired of seeing your FUCKEN beer cans in the park, you beer drinkers. Why the fuck can't you just drink your stupid beers at your house, you fucken assholes! News flash: get this through your thick drunken heads! The park is not a place to drink at, you idiots! Go and drink at your houses, for god sakes! and no more drinking through the night either, you stupid beer drinkers! we are getting so sick and tired of your drinking problems up here in the park! Obviously you beer drinkers have a problem of drinking in the park, for fuck sake! It is not a place to drink, you fucken idiots! if you want to drink, go to the bars, you assholes! And I do hope you're reading this message! Like, what is wrong with you?! Can't you go and drink at the bars, you alcoholics? What is so hard about that? you have to go and drink your stupid little beers up in the park cause you fuckers think it is one big free drunk up there, do you?! And you guys think it is all fun and games when you drink up in the park, don't you? News flash, here is a thought for ya'! Get a fucken better life! Fuck off with the beer drinking up in the parks! Stop drinking your fucken life away and do something with your life for fuck sakes! -GET A BETTER LIFE!

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