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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stop Apologizing, Start Questioning!

Posted on Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 4:29 PM

You women should all learn to question where these ridiculous fashion fads come from. Men invented these trends, from the coveted inner-thigh gap to the six-inch stiletto heels you lunatics are all teetering around in. Stop malnourishing your bodies to fit into a size 0 or double 00. There are people in third world countries whose thighs don't touch. It is because they are starving. Why in an abundant first world is an entire gender dieting, calorie counting and basically starving themselves to fit a man's ideal? High heels were invented by a man and men enjoy them because they slow women down. You can't run in them, you can't get anywhere in life fast because you might turn an ankle. They also look ridiculous if you think about it: You're walking around on two spikes with your toes all crunched in to a witch's toe point.

Furthermore, they fuck up your feet. Sarah Jessica Parker recently admitted she is having bad foot problems—her podiatrists claim she grew an extra bone in her foot from cramming them into these stupid shoes. She doesn't care, still traipses around in the heels...soon she will be immobile and suffer irreversible damage to her feet all in the name of fashion and looking cute to men. Women paying thousands of dollars to do so buying those stupid shoes with the red bottoms because they give men a cheap thrill.

Wake up women. Don't buy into the horseshit. Love yourself the way you are born, the way god made you, to have curves, thick thighs and walk on your damn feet. Women have come so far, but yet we are still so far away from shaking these old notions about femininity. Eat your damn dinner, put on your fucking flats and make a valid contribution to the world. -Feminazi

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