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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Read this to save a life

Posted on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 10:36 AM

If anyone knows a cyclist that has a solar panel attached to the back of their back pack, please show this bitch to them because it might save their life if we can stop them from making another unsafe lefthand turn.

Here's how the story goes: I'm in the right most lane at a red light. There is a left lane next to me for left-turning vehicles. My lane is not a turning lane, I am expected to go straight. The cyclist (not sure of gender) pulls up to my front passenger wheel ( yep, the cyclist is to right of me). The cyclist signals left with his/her arm.

I am confused about the hand signal. However, the street across from me is congested due to the parking lane, so I assume that she/he wants to take the lane. She/he was not in front of me, I did not have to yell for her/him but I did anyway because I know how difficult it can be for a cyclist. Anyway, the light turns green, I hold off on the gas pedal and let her/him get about 5-10 feet ahead of me. I was going to let her get into position in the lane ahead of me before I was going to overtake him/her.

This is a good thing, because the idiot cuts across my lane to make a left- hand turn. I could have hit her/him but fortunately for his/her sake, I am not an agressive driver and I was already feathering the brakes for his/her sake. This cyclist is DUMB, STUPID and will die if someone doesn't warn them not to drive so stupid on the streets.

The cyclist should have gotten into the left- turning lane. I cam imagine that this can be scary for some people. But it is better to be scared and alive, than dumb and dead. Furthermore, I can think of two alternate ways he could have made the turn safely. 1) get off the bike and cross as a pedestrian, and 2) go straight across the intersection, stop, turn your bike 90 degrees, and wait for the lights to change.

It is a damn good thing that the left lane was a turning lane, because if it was a lane that was allowed to go straight, there would have been a fatality. Please advise this person to trade in their solar panel for a bus pass. - sorry about the he/she thing

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