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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sorry to have inconvenienced you, GRINCH!

Posted on Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 12:40 PM

I was riding my bike south on Oxford, passing the Coburg intersection. Yes, I was on the SIDEWALK at this stage. I do this because there is barely enough room for two cars on that intersection and it was rush hour and I'm carrying a toddler (and if you're in the right lane, I'm sure you all know the sudden dip to the right as you go through the intersection, which freaks me out even in my car). Anyway, I'm on the sidewalk until the HUG trail, which starts at South Park. I'm never aggressive, I go slowly, I don't ring my bell at pedestrians and I go around them extra carefully, on the grass. I have a TODDLER in my bike seat, for God's sake! I don't expect a medal for taking care of my toddler that I CHOSE to bring into this world, oh no no no—I just want to get to work while getting some exercise and burning a bit less gas.

So on this fine morning, a man old enough to know better reluctantly makes space for me on the sidewalk but mouths something at us, which I figured wasn't good, even as I THANKED his GRINCH ASS for making the room on the sidewalk. I said "Excuse me?" and he glared at us and repeated "Ride on the FUCKING sidewalk!" right into my toddler's face. Now, I've done my fair share of swearing and other stuff so I'm not some delicate flower, but c'mon, seriously? You're going to be a passive aggressive JERK and make room for me and THEN swear at me and my kid as you slowly stroll to wherever you're NOT rushing to on a weekday?

I hope you find yourself on my side of this one day, but I'd be happy if that Oxford bus just clipped your pinky toe with all the ROOM that it has to get by! -Just trying to get to work on a bike in Halifax safely

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