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Monday, June 23, 2014

Ignorance is Bliss

Posted on Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 12:57 PM

To the group who wrote "let your cat in jerk" on the sidewalk with our coloured chalk last night: Your graffiti art is a monument to the human indulgence of judging and condemning someone while ignorant of the facts.

(1) Duh, you used our coloured chalk from our front steps. Coloured chalk on front steps = young children live here. Nice to write what you did for their benefit.

(2) The cat in question is having some health issues, which involve cat excrement dripping out at random times wherever the cat happens to be. We happen to have thought it better that the cat be outside for one summer night rather than drip excrement on our dining table, kitchen counters and beds, until we could set up a cage for him the next morning, so we can nurse him back to health in a better situation. Sorry if you feel differently.

(3) We happen to be awesome pet owners, and have spent so much time, effort and money on this poor cat's health problems that I am embarrassed to disclose the amount.

(4) Your tactics of condemning us very publicly by marking our property with our alleged crime (a cat outside on a summer night—call the cops!) is one used by other groups who love to vilify innocents: Nazi party, KKK, those involved in witch hunts. A minor act in comparison, but taken from the same playbook. Obviously this is an act of little consequence (although the younger kids were a bit shaken), but I hope you will think twice (or how about just once?) in some other situation in which you really don't know squat, that might carry serious consequences for someone.

To show you that I have no hard feelings, I offer you this particular cat to make your own pet, so you can be sure it is well and properly taken care of. I will even throw in a few bottles of RestoraLAX. -Think Before You Act

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