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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Do Not Feed The Greed!

Posted on Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Remember "White Juan" about a decade ago? Yeah, I know it was 2004 but surely you can shake off the cobwebs enough to remember that the whole of HRM was shut down due to inclement weather, right? So, what did we learn? Not a damn thing apparently! I was completely appalled to see that retailers were once again forcing their employees, who by the way work for minimum wage (a standard pittance), to come to work on January 3rd, 2014. Despite the police advisories to stay off of the roads and Metro Transit shutting down all services, employees were REQUIRED to appear for their shifts no matter the excuse. Once again, we see corporate greed superseding the safety of humans during extreme circumstances. Is this what snow days have become in HRM? There are an exorbitant amount of reports of female employees being left stranded due to a lack of public and private transportation during blizzard conditions which left them to the resort of their own two feet and a heartbeat to walk for many miles. HRPD has reported bailing many stranded vehicles during that time. Is this a good use of their resources? How can we in good conscience say that this is right by any means? I say things need to change around here for the better starting with an actual concern for the well being of those people who work at the counters and cash registers in these types of situations. If we agree to outsource to other provinces, the USA and overseas for business then let's keep it real here at home. Waiting for a taxi that you can't afford and that may or may not come is not the answer. Employers need to be more accountable to their employees in this matter and provide safe transportation or accommodations for their employees in these types of scenarios. A contingency plan is an absolute must! Please contact your MLA for an amendment to NS Labour Standards regarding these situations. End rant. —Krayzee T

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