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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No wonder nobody invests on Cape Breton

Posted on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Today some 100 or so dummies decide that they have to protest the demolition and construction site of the Sydney river bridge on Keltic drive. These dummies are an organized group who using threats of violence and group intimidation shut down the job site because they felt the jobs at the site should be for Capers only. Here's the deal. The group is from New Brunswick who has the contract. This is what they do... demolish bridges and construct. You morons show up, shut the job down, you are on national TV and radio sounding like uneducated fucktards and make the rest of us Cape Bretoner's look like the morons you guys are. Chanting "New Brunswicker's Go Home! These jobs are for Capers!" Are you idiots fucked or what? About 15 years ago a local businessman had his large construction site burned down by a similar group of people. Again... it went national... again we look like savages... coast to coast to coast. Then wonder why nobody wants to invest in Cape Breton. It's cause of fuck heads like you!!! Then the Mic Macs are protesting on the highway wearing camo and face masks waving banners and being "Mic Mac Warriors". Is there a trade school for that job? Most the people think you are protesting the job site that is going up on your own reservation not fracking in NB!!! BLAH!!!! Fuck heads like all you folks are one of the main reasons this place is the shit hole it is and you make the rest of the nation think of us as savages and hillbilly's. Apologies to the hillbilly's. —Embarassed to be a Cape Bretoner

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