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Monday, September 16, 2013

Transit rules and guidelines

Posted on Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 4:00 PM

For those of you that have not read the Transit User Guide, apparently many of you have not please read a few of the guidelines below - I have copied and pasted word for word - they are after all in place for a reason - some drivers enforce others don't seem to either care or have the balls to do so.

Any notes that I have added are my own personal opinion and each one is noted with an *

Passengers with bags are asked to be considerate of other passengers as they manoeuvre on and off the bus. Also, keep seats free for other passengers; bags should be placed on your lap or under the seat.

*may i add here that not wearing your back pack while on the bus would be ideal - if you are standing while wearing a backpack on a crowded bus that backpack takes up extra space and I don't know how many times if I am seated and have gotten slammed upside the head with someones gargantuan back pack. Please remove your backpack and hold it at your side or between your feet.

For the safety and well-being of babies and young children, other passengers and Metro Transit Operators, please respect the following guidelines:
Strollers should be small, light-weight and foldable.
Recommended size should not be larger than 42” x 22.5”.
Upon boarding the bus, children should be removed from the stroller and held by the parent or guardian. Those wishing to leave children in the stroller should remain near the front of the bus, utilizing the courtesy seats when available

*I was on a bus a couple of weeks ago and there were 5 baby carriages (not strollers) on that bus - you take your life in your hands getting on and finding a seat getting through that hazzard before the driver floors the gas - I really pity the seniors having to deal with this.

Passenger Conduct
Passengers using audio/video equipment are asked to use earphones at low volume.
Passengers using a cell phone are asked to speak with a low voice.
If the bus is crowded with a standing load, passengers are asked to move to the back to make room for more passengers.

In accordance with the Smoke-Free Places Act, smoking is prohibited on all transit vehicles, including ferries, inside public buildings, and transit shelters.
Smoking is also prohibited within 4 metres (13 feet) of public building entrances and windows, air-intake vents, transit vehicles, and bus shelters

Food and Beverages
To keep buses and ferries clean and safe, food or drink brought on board must be in a closed container that is spill proof. Coffee and other beverages can be consumed on board provided the beverage is carried in a container with a sealable cap (single use, disposable cups do not meet this criteria). Open alcohol is not permitted on buses or ferries.
Litter must be taken off buses and ferries and disposed of responsibly

*As for the not getting on a bus with a disposable coffee cup - well that seems to only be a rule of some buses - Oh and I don't think that bus drivers should be exempt from this rule either.

On the other side of this coin - I have done a bit of a search of other Canadian transit services and it seems HRM is the only one that has this rule. And this rule has only led to more litter on the streets - the people that are told they cannot get on the bus with their beverage what do they do with it - set it down (or if they are pissed off they just toss it) on the sidewalk whether there is a trash bin handy or not - usually not but that's a whole nother rant that I will get into at another time! —yet another transit bitch

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