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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My favourite music venue and I are in a fight

Posted on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 3:00 PM

To my favourite music venue in Halifax, I will have to say I am very disappointed in you for last night’s show. Now before I begin my rant of displeasure I wish to state unequivocally that this is the ONLY time this venue has ever let me down, and that I stand firm in my support of everything this venue represents and tries to achieve in support of some of the best and most talented people in the music scene.

That being said, boy was I pissed last night! My friend and I reserved tickets ahead of time, arrived for our reservations at least 2 hours before the show was scheduled to start to get that awesome table with the great view, and spent time and money on food and drinks which I am happy to do to support something I believe in and enjoy. I was super excited to see this band at this venue and was even more excited to have good seats and was feeling pretty pleased with myself and how the evening was unfolding. Two random people who had only been to this venue twice came in and who didn’t have much experience either with the venue or the band and joined our table. I was only too happy to sing the praises of both the band and the venue, and tell them they were in for a treat and explain to them the typical rules of the venue…and then the hipster nation showed up. We’re talking the 20 something hipsters found in any bar downtown, on any night who are drunk and loud and all too happy to stand in front of the stage and dance around and have a great time. Now I have nothing against this, and often am in the mix of those people, but that is not the expectation that this venue has staked their good reputation on. I was sitting there, unable to stand up because it was too crowded and hot, and am currently suffering from an injury which makes standing for long periods of time difficult, and all I could see were the backs of the people in front of me. This venue is not made for this type of so-called ‘rock- concert’ like feel. I did not buy tickets or get there 2 hours in advance so I could look at the backs of the hipster nation, I came to see the band, and I did see them, on the occasions when the band was more than considerate enough to ask the people in the front to sit for a few to allow the rest of us to see. Now, there is no denying the energy, and raw talent of the band, who put on a great performance, but feeling like though I was a loyal and enthusiastic customer who had just been betrayed by their favourite spots all in the effort to sell a few more tickets, to bring in a bit more money in bar sales to the absolute detriment of ALL of the other patrons who had done the same as I had (gotten there early, staked their claim to a great spot, and were spending their money on food and drinks). I just want this venue to know this is not acceptable. I am not pleased with my experience, and though I would never ask for my money back or walk out on the staff and not pay my bill, but I saw a lot of people who did and the poor wait staff was so upset that people were choosing to show their displeasure by skipping out on the bill or not tipping. I shouldn’t have to reassure your staff they are doing a great job and say I am sorry management chose to do this.

Unfortunately this has soured my experience and my love for this venue, and I certainly do not feel like a valued customer, and I am thoroughly disappointed in how the night turned out. Management of this venue or whoever made this decision should be very ashamed of the decision made last night to piss of the many loyal, familiar faces who followed the rules of the venue, and went in with the expectation that the night would be like any other awesome night of music, food and drinks at this venue. Instead it feels as though you chose to alienate them and punish them for their loyalty so that you could sell a few more tickets. I will have to say we’re in a fight my favourite music venue and I, and I think I deserve an apology along with all the others who I know felt the same last night. —Anonymous

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