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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Hellifux: a Rant, just in time for Summer

Posted on Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 3:41 PM

I came here 13 years ago. For most of that time I had high hopes for you. A port city? One that isn't too big? Prides itself on it's "friendliness" and community? Sure, the weather isn't great, but hey, it has so much potential right? and one day soon, all these community people will rise up and the city will boom with innovation, economic elevation? A locally eco responsible city, one that sets it apart...a city I can be proud to tolerate the weather in? Well, I came here in my 20s, when in retrospect, I probably could have found enjoyment anywhere. I stayed here because I met friends and we had a fun time hanging out together. When I wasn't worried about how I would survive and didn't need to plan much. I had so much hope for you Halifax. The years passed, the debt rose, the friends drifted away or moved. And I became trapped here. So, I have tried to motivate, join in, make change.. create...I have met some good people along the way too...but I am becoming resolved that this place has more denial than things to boast about. The weather is awful, the cost of living is ridiculous, the pay is low, the opportunities are very low. It's no wonder people want to leave, that is, if you aren't lucky enough to have won the lotto of a great career here and family to help. Oh, and don't say anything negative about this place to someone from here: the patriotism in Nova Scotia parallels that of places in the states. Flag-waving with no merit. One can get charged with being a traitor and strung up for speaking the truth now and then! How can one create change when so many people think there is nothing to be changed? Denial. Full stop. Where else could you find a rotary with two different signs of protocol, that doesn't obey international driving rules and instead had an entirely ridiculous made up local rule of "stop and go"? OK, since they saw reason and changed that one, I will give you that Halifax, one success there. But let's move on: Provided you could afford a vacation (which I haven't had for 10 years) you can't even get on a cruise ship here, they let them off but you can't get on! what is this, the Hotel California? And summer, if the weather is OK, is the only time when things are happening, and that is a stretch even. (Graveyards on our tourism site? That IS telling.) Amongst the resentment of being forced to remain here by someone who thinks this place is fantastic (because they are from here, they have a great job here, all their friends and family are here, etc.) sometimes creates waves of passion for change, a momentum to untie all those who do not have the local advantages, but mostly the endless rhetoric of how this is the greatest place to be (when this place is seriously lacking) lately turns me into another one of those cynical vacant eyed dead end low paid drones meandering through the basics of cheap ass survival. Halifax, stop making into a drunk in an attempt to enjoy this place. Or at least give the happy pills away for free. And before you say it: sure, I am grateful for what I have, absolutely. I continue to try to make lemonade but sometimes, there are just way too many gdmn lemons. Yes, it could be worse, but by all means it could be a lot better. Let's get it together, shall we? Or admit that we aren't?


Disappointed ---Vacant Eyed Drone

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