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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hydrostone Halloween

Posted on Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 12:46 PM

OK, listen, I get it. The Hydrostone neighbourhood is seen as this rich area where folks have money and as such should be giving out large amounts of candy because... well... hey. They're rich what do they care?

As new residents in the Hydrostone area "from away" (if that sinks my bitch so be it), what I witnessed tonight while taking my little toddler around for his third Halloween was nothing less than looting with a Canadian veneer of feigned politeness. I'd estimate 75 percent of the kids were most certainly not from the neighbourhood with many being driven in by their parents. I saw kids who really had no interest in trick or treating being dragged around by parents puffing on cigarettes pulling grocery carts full of candy while their children begged to go home. I saw entire families hop into their cars after the night's "festivities" we're through to go... Where??? Back to their own neighbourhoods that apparently aren't up to par for their family's trick or treating needs? I witnessed literally hundreds of kids on every block of my neighbourhood mobbing, yes MOBBING my neighbours for candy while parents stood by and laughed, at times encouraging their rude "gimme gimme" attitudes. It was not fun or enjoyable or community-oriented or entertaining. It was literally the very worst of humanity played out through the most vulnerable and impressionable. Kids being shown that people are only worth what you can get from them. Why the eff weren't these people in their own neighbourhoods cultivating friendships and community and fellowship? I'm never handing out candy in this neighbourhood. Keep your selfish kids at home, I have rent to pay... —Bah Humbug Halloween Grinch

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