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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ignorant loud hockey parents

Posted on Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 12:02 PM

Here we go again. Another season listening to you rude fucking parents screaming and yelling at YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER in a very bad way because they don't play good enough on the ice for you. FUCK you, you're even yelling at the refs. For god sakes. Could you just take that ignorant brain of yours and realize what your child feels like when he/she hears mom or dad or both yelling at them. If you have nothing good to say then stay the fuck out of the rink. I'm sick and tired of hearing you. Parents should be kicked out of the rink for this. And how do you think those parents feel when you are yelling at their son/daughter who is the referee. I just want you out of the rink. I will not sit with the parents of my son's hockey team because of this, year after year. You are assholes and yes I'm sick of this. There must be something I can do about keeping these IGNORANT parents out of the rink. My son will never have to experience this from me or his father. To think of that kid on the ice hearing his parents going on I could just throw up...so upsetting. Recently in Dartmouth at a hockey game my son asked me if I heard that parent yelling. I said yes. He said "Mom, he was really mad wasn't he, but mom we all just laughed." I'm glad of that, it's water off a duck's back for my child. My child has a lot of fun out there but at the same time he is trying his best. I love him so much. —Sad Hockey Mom

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