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Friday, May 11, 2012

This economic shithole!

Posted on Fri, May 11, 2012 at 12:31 PM

Hey, NS! Do you know why your people are leaving? Because we gotta do something like, you know, survive? This place has practically the highest taxes yet has the worst wages for the very few "good" jobs it has! And speaking of good jobs, there are none! I graduated from university, studied finance and accounting, three years ago and am still careerless! I tried everything! Volunteering in my field, temp agencies, networking, pounding pavement, workshops to improve my resume and cover letter and interviews (btw, I've been told many times my resume/cover letter and interview skills are great), you fucking name it! Nothing has come of it. The temp agencies won't give me any assignments, my connections don't know of any places hiring, etc etc et fucking cetera! I've been volunteering in my field for the past six years. This is all people will give me around here, volunteer work! I go and apply to any places that are paying, I'll get an interview if I'm lucky. Six years of volunteering and I still can't get the fucking job! I'm sick of working for fucking free! This place is cursed, I swear. I went and got an education, took out student loans and now I'm fucked. I'd LOVE to go out west and put this fucking shit I've been going through to an end. But the only problem is, there's not even any menial jobs that I can get around here to save money to go!! Can't seem to get many restaurants or whatnot to bite either. I had one restaurant hire me but can't give me near enough hours! I'm not taking out a loan to relocate, to put myself in more debt. Fuck you NS, I'm sick of getting the shaft around here over and over! —I Paid My Dues, Now I Want My Job

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