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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh, you're visiting? Thank fuck it's just a visit

Posted on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 9:36 AM

I went out with some friends to a pub we love. You took a liking to one of my friends, which is great!!! You had a friend that looked a lot like you in some ways, so the other 2 of us asked "are you guys twins?" You roll your eyes and get pissy. You assumed we were asking because you are both black and started asking if we we were twins. Seeing how one of us is porcelain white with long blonde hair and the other with russet skin and pitch black hair we found this ridiculous. You started ignoring us. Even the friend you fancied, you would not look her way if we were there even passing her a drink to the side to avoid eye contact with us. As this bothered me, I confronted you telling you that you were being very childish. You asked how, so I tell you.

You're ignoring us because we offended you. You think we were being racist for commenting on your guys' similarities. My mistake, I didn't mean to bruise your huge ego. You tell me you guys are in your 30's and since kindergarten you have been getting asked that because you're black and have braids. Give me a fucking break. If that question has been being asked for almost 30 years you should be used to it and laugh it off. Not blame it on racism and making it seem like we said all black people look alike. But no, you went the childish route by saying "you guys are white you must be twins" I had news for him. "No, actually, my mother is native and my father is black you asshole. So you can stop playing this stupid little race game." You proceed to argue with me that there's no way I am mixed race because I "act too white" wtf!!!!! And I'm the racist one?!?!?

I believe we hurt your ego some but someone needed to take you down a few notches because you weren't as great as you think you are. I had to break it down for you like a child and tell you. Looking alike and having similarities are not the same. That I do in fact have a twin but we do not look alike just have some similarities. I'm sorry you haven't been able to get over that question being asked for as many years as it has. You should take it as a compliment for he was a better looking guy than you were. It didn't help that you guys had the same jeans and coat on. It almost looked like you were asking for that question to be asked. Get over yourself. We are not racist, you're self righteous. Fuckhead. —Go Fuck Yourself

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