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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From the other side...

Posted on Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 1:34 PM

As someone who doesn't routinely use transit, I've tried not to allow myself to get involved in the bus strike. HOWEVER, yesterday I was walking my boss's daughter in her stroller on Barrington St when the union was rallying in Grand Parade. I was handed a piece of paper with a poorly written statement on it explaining why I should support their union. Reading the paper 5 times over still didn't make any sense to me as to what they were trying to accomplish. This is what I know about your strike - sorry - war:

I require my vehicle for my job downtown. I used to be able to find adequate parking, now I no longer find parking anywhere. I have over $200 in parking tickets - Ken, are you going to pay those? Yes, the city covered up some of the bus stops to provide parking but you know who is parking there? The STRIKERS. And messily at that, they park haphazardly so the rest of us can't use it.

The company I work for is losing business because our clients won't walk from Dartmouth/Sackville/Spryfield, etc. in the cold and dark to attend our classes.

You make more than I ever will even though I have a university degree and am committed to customer service. I also don't have a say in when I work, as my hours are dictated by the public needs. I built my life around my work schedule, not the other way around.

Dear transit union - if you want back to work, start appealing to the public who use you. That means walking to your picket lines and leaving the available parking to us. It means scheduling your life to accommodate your work schedule. It means letting go of your pay hike until your income is on par with those who have to use you.

To the rest of the city showing your "support" by honking at them when you go past parade square, please stop. It's freakin annoying for anyone who is working on Barrington near the square. —Tired of All This Bus Bitchin'


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