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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jaywalkers unite!

Posted on Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 2:33 PM

There is an art to Jaywalking. Timing your dash between groups of cars, and knowing which cars will slow down, and which ones will speed up. These quick sprints from sidewalk to sidewalk are meant to ease traffic flow, not to get in the way of it. I could run across the middle of the road, obviously aware of present dangers, or I could take my time to walk across the presumed safety of the crosswalk. Either way, you self entitled cars have the responsibility to respect pedestrians presence in traffic. What actually happens is cars from more than a block away laying on the horn, drivers cutting through the flashing lights of my crosswalk (when I decide to actually use it), pulling up to a stop light and straddling the only 'safe' space provided for us, and the list goes on...

We will rise up! You may hit one of use, maybe two, but three strikes and you're out! Never to drive again! You cars think you own the road? Wait until we stop jaywalking, and instead slowly shuffling across OUR crosswalk, or giving your car a punch in the fender as it cuts us off.

We will be making every attempt to delay you those 7 seconds as we cross, and will be watching for every opportunity to annoy and pester the disrespectful drivers of Halifax. You gave us no quarter, now it is your turn! —Drive With Care... We'll Be Walking

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