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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Retail workers are people too

Posted on Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 2:04 PM

We work endless, backbreaking hours for you. We have endless demeaning chores that we need to do daily despite what you may think our innocent job titles entail. We force a smile and a cheery "Hi, How can help you?" though the majority of us are having a rough go of things. Many of us are well educated and highly intelligent and just stuck working retail out of circumstance. We struggle to pay our bills, feed ourselves, our families and just plainly struggling to get by.

So when you walk into a store, a restaurant, a whatever-retail environment and don't make eye contact when asking for something, don't say "Hi, please, thanks, no thanks", are rude, offensive, and treat as sub-human lackies just there to get your double-double just right and make sure the lettuce in your salad is cut up just right size, just remember that we are working hard for YOU. It's our job. We don't expect a song and dance, even just a smile will suffice to make a brutal eight hour shift just a little more worthwhile. We go home at night having made endless shit, served endless shit, taken endless shit and cleaned up disgusting shit (even YOUR shit).

Just remember that when you decide to ignore us, yell at us, swear at us, not tip us and demand the impossible of us, you are just making our lives worse than they probably already are.

Enjoy your day, your coffee made to perfection and remember to smile, it's free! —Retail Workers Everywhere

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