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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who made you the king of anything?

Posted on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 10:38 AM

Let me ask you a question. Who the f*ck made you the king of anything. You don't like me? Oh good for you, don't want a cookie now? I should stop complaining about my life publicly online... who forced you to read them? I should stop displacing my blame on the rest of the world... um okay, I don't?! But thanks. I'm sorry I'm a normal human being that has bad days and found my way of coping by sending a quick tweet about my frustration then move on with my life. I seem like a really miserable person? Do you know me? Let me ask you again, DO YOU KNOW ME? Do you anything about me and the laughter I carry with me and the people who surround me when something actually does go wrong and are there to listen when I need to cry and when I actually complain. Do you? Oh wait, you're that random person on my twitter and facebook who lurks around to see what I'm up to then make smirk remarks because you're some "entrepreneur" and you are so "busy" because you're so much better than everyone else. Hey news flash asshole. I actually don't talk to you about what's going in my life, and you're not there for me even if I were to in the odd moment want to talk to YOU about it. So here's the thing about your opinions. Keep them to your f*cking self. Who CARES what you think, or how you feel about how miserable my life must me, and the fact that YOU think I need to get a hobby. Unlike you, who has the leisure time to drink your weekends away (as your wall and tweets suggest) I am a straight A student, on a full scholarship, volunteers 10hr/wk, works 36hrs/wk and still finds the time to go to the gym EVERYDAY. I'm so sorry that my status isn't always about rainbows and sunshine and unicorns?! I'm sorry that MY life doesn't reflect your sense of perfection?! But oh wait a second... this is MY life... did I get that right? So I should be able to live it how I want... me here, number one. But no, according to you, we should all live in a society that governs under what you think is best for us. Um, get a life. —We All Have Opinions, But Who Said You Can Shove Yours Down Everyone Else's Throat

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