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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random annoyances

Posted on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 9:28 AM

People who wear their pants too short, socks with sandals , 'fad phrases' such as : "Just saying", "faded", "deuces" and anything else started by someone else. People who put "because *insert stupid reason here* as every caption of a Facebook photo, teenagers who think its cool to take pictures of themselves smoking out of a crack pipe, or smoking Mary -J. Men who think its impressive to act gay.. trust me, its not gonna have the same outcome as women acting like lesbians in front of you, we are not as simple minded, PEOPLE WHO TYPE LIKE THIS, bad breath, bad teeth, bad hair, hoarders. Block heals, women who try to make straight leg jeans look like skinny jeans under some boots.. just buy the real thing, saggy ass pants, gappy teeth, dirty fingernails, dirty bathrooms, garlic breath, annoying accents. People who end everything they say as if it was a question????, people who ask for something and then proceed to say why they want to know..nobody asked why, just ask for what you want, then listen for the answer, then fuck off. I could go on.. but I'm annoyed with typing this shit out. Have a fuckin annoying day to everyone who's guilty of any of this. —:)

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