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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why are you ripping the poor off?

Posted on Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 9:48 AM

Can someone please explain to me, why I'm paying just as much for power even though I have above ground lines, and get power outages all the time, but yet all those ppl with new homes have below ground wiring, and get fewer outages by far... why am I paying as much as them for power? I know we all pay for what we use, but that's a moot point really... it's about the customer satisfaction, and service isn't it? If I bought a car that was garbage or a lemon I'd bring it back wouldn't I? And get a new one right, since I paid the same for it and deserve just as much quality as the other guy. Total monopolization in this province, I don't get it. It's so obvious that ppl r being ripped off, but yet everyone in this province just lets it keep happening, and they all cry over it, then do nothin bout it, only to cry over it again and again. Why should I pay as much for power as the guy with underground lines, when I'm getting 3-4 times more outages? This makes no sense to me, other than to suck the money outta the poorer consumer... discrimination if u ask me, lol... so obvious... sad really... just another reason why so many ppl leave this province to go elsewhere to live, and they wonder why. Just another reason to put in my book to leave next year, lol, on top of all the other retardedness that goes on here. And they wonder why this province doesnt attract too many ppl from other places, lol you just answered your own question Nova Scotia, lol... maybe if this province wasn't so retarded in its thinking, then maybe it wouldn't be so damn backwards compared to everywhere else... oh but I forgot... Nova Scotia is special... god whatever you don't tell anyone you're from somewhere else, lol... all they do is tell you to go back there if you like it so much. Pretty fuckin ignorant to me. No wonder the power is the way it is, lol. Maybe if this province wasn't so reactive and instead proactive, like other provinces, then maybe they'd get their shit together, until then it will only get worse, and worse, and worse... and another thing... Why am I paying more tax here than any other province? If I can't even get proper power working like it should everywhere else? Makes no fuckin sense. Ignorance again... thanks Nova Scotia... pissed off and not from here... and won't be coming back anytime soon if it stays this way. —jdn69

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