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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not shopping here anymore

Posted on Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 1:39 PM

Dear manager of a certain Dartmouth Crossing clothing store with the bitchiest manager in the world: This is on behalf of the poor employee you so rudely yelled at, telling her she had to stay an extra hour you needed work done and then made fun of her with the cashier about what a pansy she was, the only work getting done was your nails... is that right? Incredibly unprofessional! This girl had previously helped us and I thought the service was amazing right up until you interfered and then tried to take over. You then proceeded to tell us about it being your time of the month, and a DM was in... so here it is lady. You are a bitch who should not be a manager. If I were an employee I would have quit! Power hungry bitch... oh, and while you were bitching about your duties, I guess you didn't realize that I am also a manager for a larger retail company, and never on my life would I make fun of an employee, embarrass them, or talk to a complete stranger about my lack of tampons! Grow up! Seriously, everyone who works with this bitch, you are a great bunch and could do so much better, especially the girl I bitch on the behalf of! You deserve so much better! Good Luck! And to manager bitch... no words. Karma will bite your pompous ass! —Your Employees Are Not Slaves

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