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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to take a bus 101

Posted on Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 11:17 AM

Ok class pay attention, Johnny stop picking your nose, Suzy leave the cell phone alone. Now when waiting for a bus (and you've been at the stop for God knows how long before the bus arrives) please have your bus pass, ticket, change ready. It is annoying to no end to pull up to a stop where you were clearly there waiting and you get on the bus and start looking for these items! If people are trying to get off the bus, please allow them to exit before you barge and shove your way on, pay attention! Don't get on like a heard of cattle. The bus driver can only focus on one person at a time, wait your turn! Common courtesy doesn't cost a thing, dare to be different! When showing your bus passes or transfers please do not show them at supersonic speed or behind the fareboxes, we do not have xray vision! When waiting for a bus especially on a street like Spring Garden where dozens of different buses travel, when you see the bus you want approaching, step toward the actual bus stop to let the driver know that you want this bus. We do not read minds, this would help us when we are running late and there is nothing more infuriating than stopping for you and you just look away because you are waiting for another bus. Step away from the bus stop to let us know you do not want this bus. Please allow the elderly and infirm to have a seat when the bus is full, remember one day this may be you! Please do not curse and swear on the bus this is not your home and you are offending others, remember common courtesy, and the world does not revolve around you! If you are seated on the bus please remain seated until the bus comes to a stop before getting up to get off, anything can happen, better safe than sorry! I could go on and on but the bell is about to ring, so the last thing I will add is please use common sense and common courtesy! Happy travels!! —Smooth Operator

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