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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hope y'all are put in prison

Posted on Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 11:57 AM

This bitch goes out to all the main stream media stars who are deliberately twisting the news to fit a political agenda. Happens on both the left and right sides of the margin, although corporately owned news organizations are the WORST offenders. Getting invited to the next cocktail party (and being paid big cash) is more important to these assholes than holding those in public office to account. They are now part of the political industrial complex. Everyone knows who they all are. Without your help, the powers that be would be hard pressed to implement their agenda which seems to include turning Canada into a police state. Shame on you for putting such a low value on your souls and for destroying the future prospects of our children. Divide and conquer lives on thanks to you buckets of pond scum.

The battles between the left and the right remind me of 2 kids in the backseat of a car arguing over what radio station should be on, when the real problem is the fat, drunk sweater vest wearing psycho behind the wheel who is obliviously heading for a brick wall at 100 mph.

It will be a WONDERFUL day when you MSM stooges are held to account. BTW, if anyone here is going to be starting a slow pitch team next summer, you should consider contacting Pete Mans National... he is great at lobbing up soft balls for his interviewees to knock out of the park. —Just the News, Not the Spin

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