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Monday, November 28, 2011

You DON'T own the parking lot, asshole!

Posted on Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:55 AM

This is for the idiot, driving the white car along the shops in Bayers Lake on Friday around 1:30pm, and her mouthy, IGNORANT passenger. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume today was your FIRST TIME EVER out in public. That’s the only assumption I can make based on your moronic behavior. I was simply trying to get across the parking lot to the stores. If you’ll take a moment to notice, there are NO crosswalks in front of that section. The WHOLE FREAKIN’ PARKING LOT IS A CROSSWALK, asshole!!!

I also have to assume today was your first trip to a mall. Parking lots must be a new concept for you. Otherwise, you would KNOW that common courtesy usually comes into play, and people are ALLOWED to cross the parking lot without being run down, or being yelled at by ignorant assholes.

Most importantly, to the mouthy passenger who felt the need to yell at me. FUCK YOU! Although, I should probably feel bad for you, as you clearly have issues. Nah, I’ll stick with my original, FUCK YOU! Calling me an ugly retard for trying to cross the parking lot was VERY classy. You sounded like a road-raged idiot. You don’t get out much either, do you? Or were you simply raised by local wildlife? Sweetie, the glimpse I got of you, I wouldn’t be calling people names. And you should REALLY look into some anger management classes.

I should have just let you hit me. Then had you charged with reckless driving. Slow down, Moron! You DON’T own the parking lot and next time, you’ll find I’ll stop dead in my tracks, and plant a boot in your grill. And I don’t mean your car!!! Jerk! —Hit Me and I'll Be Back To HAUNT Your Ass

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