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Friday, November 25, 2011

Left hanging

Posted on Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Yes, you as a pedestrian have the right of way. LISTEN, if you look up and around at the streets colliding with your walking route there are cars. These cars have drivers in them navigating with other cars and yes, pedestrians and cyclists. We try to vigil the road so as not to have any extra problems in our lives, like accidents/expense. Some of us fail in this area as drivers. Because there is that group that fails, pedestrians in this little city MUST start looking up when they are approaching an intersection/crossing the road. IF I am making a left hand turn in a four lane two way traffic road with a speed limit of 50, you as a human should look up when approaching the intersection walking. IF I am crossing two lanes of oncoming traffic I am NOT slamming on my brakes in front of two lanes of traffic that I have entered when you were at least a meter from the curb area. If I could just slip by and make my turn while you waited at the cross walk for one beat, let's say, 4 seconds tops I could complete my turn. Completing my turn means that no oncoming cars have to slam on their brakes so they do not t-bone me.

As a pedestrian, I prefer to walk behind cars. I do not demand to walk between the lines. I do not stand and glare at a driver who is perched over the walking lanes trying to turn. Jesus, some drivers have been trained to put it in reverse, give up on making your turn and BACK up so this person can walk between the lines in front of their car. As a pedestrian try to realize the car is perched on your walkway because they are trying to see to make a turn on to a busy street and they were there before you anyways! It is not personal. It is about logic and getting to a point safely. As a pedestrian, I usually let the cars go ahead of me. I do not make them wait for me, especially cars making turns. I wave my hand in the air and let that turning car go and the oncoming traffic speeding towards that driver do not have to be startled by this car hanging in a turn in their lane. Most drivers wouldn't take the turn if it wasn't clear but some of you pedestrians just walk across the street with your heads down like everyone is watching out for you. We are. All us sitting idling our gas while you trudge across the road. Can't you just wait a second? Or even look up? There is a politeness to driving and walking in this city. YOu HAVE THE RIGHT TO WAIVE YOUR RIGHT OF WAY every now and again, you knows. —A Pedestrian

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