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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy This

Posted on Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 4:00 PM

So this so-called sociological movement is about what... can someone please clearly state now what this shenanigans is about... yes, I'm still waiting, what, I can't hear you?? Let me tell you about the true 99% out there, working our butts every day to make a life for ourselves in this lovely province. We get an education. Writing papers and taking exams is tough, but somehow we get through. Some of us even come from families who have never had the opportunity to get an education, but our families recognize that to make it in this day and age it works better to go to school. Nova Scotia is abundant with them, and I just bet that if you look hard enough you might even discover that there is funding out there to get you in the door. But now comes your part... WORK. Yes it sucks, and we all hate having to get up at 5am or 7am or God forbid work through a night to get to where we are going, but such is life!! The times that I have walked by that drug ridden camp at 7am on my way to work you were all still asleep!! Probably hungover to a snot. What?? How friggen nice to camp and sleep and wake up to free food!! And the day I went to really try to see if there was something I could take away from this so called movement and I saw jokesters wasting away their time having some kind of clown hacky sack juggling contest! What the hell are you protesting? That you have chosen to be a twenty-something loser nothing squeegee kid with no place to go? How about you take a weekend in Cape Breton and work with the fishers and talk to people who would give their left nut to work at their trade, and who are pretty much open to any work opportunities that can support their community. I can only speak for myself, but this whole mess is a bunch of hype squeegees just looking for an opportunity to raise shit. Some of us work, it sucks, but we do it. We do it when we are pregnant, when we have kids at home, as single parents, when we are by ourselves, when we can own a home or pay for an apartment, we live in the Square, the North End, Spryfield, the South End, Downtown and everywhere. Nothing comes in a flash, everything that matters and means anything usually means hard work. Sometimes we have to go to work hung over or tired or in bad mood, but we do it because we are able to, and the paycheck will be there because of us doing our job. These kids protesting do not represent the 99% of us lucky enough to have it as good as we do, and I'm simply embarrassed to think this shenanigans would ever stand in representation of me or what I do. Get gone. —Harvest Moon

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