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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bus Shelter Placement

Posted on Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 10:03 AM

Why are new shelters being placed with the opening away from the street? It doesn't allow us enough time to step out and go around when the bus arrives. If it's to protect us from elements, it's not working. I discovered this on a blustery night standing at the Walmart on Damascus Rd. The wind and rain are just as likely to come in from the opening when it's away from the street, as they are when it's facing the street. Drivers won't stop if no one is out front waiting (I don't blame them) and with the benches all facing away from the street, if we're sitting, we can't see the buses coming, because we have our backs to them. Which brings me to my second question... Why are the seats facing backwards? How it's working with the newly installed ones now, is that I have to stand to see the bus coming, and if I want to make sure that I don't miss it, I have to stand outside the shelter. Does that make sense? I don't feel like standing and waiting for the bus when I've been on my feet for about 10 hours already at the hospital and I'd like to be able to sit to wait for it. It'd be great if starting right now new ones would be installed the right way, and even better if the ones that have been placed this way could be changed or am I just supposed to be thankful that I've got a shelter and bench? —Die Hard Transit Fan, But Getting Fed Up

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