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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Tale of Unaccustomed Customers in Retail

Posted on Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 9:02 AM

Since when did leaving your manners at home like a tired old pet become a part of the routine shopping experience where one ignores those around you as you would trivialize the air you breathe. Oh too often are we in light of tremors of unrestrained childish wanton when viewing our neighbours shop. From those who care to stick their muddy fingers into our wares, to those who ask of the impossible to be grown and packaged in front of them we ask that you but consider the folly of your thinking. No matter where else you work, there will always be those who cannot break free from being obstinate enough to cause duress, although it surely feels that like groceries to a cart they cluster inside all those too many retail locales. As if the constant hovering of executive type personnel during ones draining day in day out is not difficult enough there is this relentless buzzing of communal ignorance. How hard would it be to treat those in service of you as though they deserved a cent of respect and time saving compassion? Too quick do they notice how prices change yet never reflect on how they by their own actions have caused this vicious cycle. With but a second of time and thought to prevent the common ignorance there is the ability to not just feed mouths but also to feed that which brings our human desires to rest. The next time you are moving through the store like an out of control hurricane, we ask that you stop and show us what the eye of your storm could be. —Tennyson and Poe

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