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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If You Know What You Want...

Posted on Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 4:25 PM

OK people, if you have what you want and you're so F $%^ing sure you have what you want, then F off and don't come to me asking and then F&*^&%$ rejecting my suggestions and telling me how to do my job! Holy F are you that freaking stupid like why do I want to listen to you take your situation seriously only to have you say do you even know what you're doing? Yes, I'm dealing with a stupid person! I deal with stupid people day after day just like you! I swear that people have never worked retail ever in their life and never known anyone who did! Just stop before you think about approaching my desk, ask yourself have I read the package? Answer YES! Have I looked up the item and it matches in every way what I thought I wanted? YES! Do I care what the counter clerk is going to tell me? NO. If this is what you came up with then stay the FU^% away from my counter! I never have probably never will mind taking the time for people who need help, want help and truly require HELP! But if you EVER come to my counter the way you did the other day telling me how to do my job, telling me you have what you needed and don't need my fregging help anyway, I will kick your freaking ass out the door!

I need to chill... why yes I do because I deal with total idiots somedays! You say, so why work retail? Because there are people who actually need help and appreciate having a knowledgeable person to talk to. What kind of person wastes my time like that? The same kind that does the same thing to other store clerks and store personel and service workers. If you talked to your barber the way you talked to me, man that would have been your last haircut! Have a nice day, service people and store clerks, waitresses and call centre folks! —Counter Culture

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