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Friday, October 28, 2011

"Repairing" the Sidewalks?

Posted on Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 10:42 AM

I appreciate the city wants to repair the unsafe holes in the sidewalks in my neighbourhood. They've had some paint white lines around the main offenders. Every couple of feet it looks like a shite grafitti artist tagged the sidewalk while crawling home from something. The holes in the sidewalk are a very real danger for someone who uses a chair or walker, or maybe even a severe limp. The first time I wiped out in one of these I broke my leg. Spiral fracture, surgery, titanium plate and 21 screws. My leg x-ray looks pretty Terminator!

Here's the problem: the blob of asphalt someone dumped into the hole in the corner of Dresden/Spring Garden wasn't made level. Instead of danger from one of my front castors getting stuck in the hole, there's now an uneven lump of asphalt. When you have hard rubber 4 or 5" front tires (as many chairs come with), it's a wipe out possibility. So instead of (finally) using that specific curb cut to cross to the other side, I still have to go off the other cut, *into traffic* to cross the street. WTF, Halifax roads dept? Maybe just fix the fucking sidewalks. And maybe have some at danger of having an accident due to shitty workmanship tell you if it's done right, before you get sued. And you will get sued.

Seriously. Can we not do better than this? Things like this are all a part of looking like dumbasses. Don't get me started on "the first snowfall". It takes four or five days until I can cross any streets because of the half-assed job the sub cintractors do on clearing the sidewalks/curbcuts/crosswalks. —WheelieP

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