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Friday, October 21, 2011


Posted on Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 11:39 AM

Holy Hell in the last two weeks my eyes have been assaulted with pictures of a pile of euthanized cats "re post to expose what really goes on in shelters" (OK a good message to pass along even though everyone already knows and the least offensive of these images but really no need for the image) a couple douches hanging a dog "re post and let's catch these animal abusers" (um except god knows how old this picture is, where in the world it was taken and the fact that the law doesn't give a shit about animal abuse) pictures and a graphic detailed description of some poor Asian girl who was tortured for 44 days "re post so she is never forgotten" (ummm you think that is respectful? No it's disgusting you morbid motherfuckers it's a way for you to get a cheap thrill and then re post while saying tut tut how sad like thinking you're doing something kind) and most offensive of all, some made up bullshit story about a mother beating her daughter to death because she said she painted her mothers sheets and then her mother sees she wrote mommy I love you "re post if you are against child abuse" complete with a picture of a 2 year old with her face all messed up and a huge gash with stitches. First off THAT'S SOMEBODY'S ACTUAL KID probably the victim of a car accident judging by the slice across her face with about 20 stitches, she didn't look beaten. How dare somebody use that image in that way and how dare people re post that shit of-motherfucking-course we are all against child abuse you fucking losers. I hope the family of that poor girl finds a way to sue every dipshit that kept that picture going. Don't tell me to block them or stick my head in the sand because this bitch isn't about my own personal feelings towards seeing this shit it's about how stupid these jackasses are to think they are helping by posting shock images. If You Want to Help Donate Time or Money to Your Cause

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