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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ships Start Here? So Do Shitty Salaries

Posted on Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 1:26 PM

Ok great - you got the contract. Here is the problem. The pay in NS is unrealistic. I left a few years ago for this very reason. Professional Jobs there offering 35K a year for what I can do in Ontario for 75K a year (starting). Been missing home a lot lately - thinking about moving back with my partner. We love the east coast. We love the culture, the laid back lifestyle, the geography - everything - except for the disparity between the salaries and cost of living. Our fields of work are generally focused in more populated areas. Everytime we look into a potential job it is stopped short by the salary offerings. $35K a year, $40K a year - for professionals with much more than entry level experience. But hey - It's Nova Scotia - cost of living is cheaper? Hahahah right.

Looking at houses that are "commutable" to HRM - not even on the peninsula - we're realistic. Not even in Lower Sackville - we're talking Hubbards, Windsor, etc. Tiny boxes of houses for 250, 275K. Right now, living within a 30 minute commute of Downtown Toronto, our BRICK, detached house and garage didn't cost that much. And we're not living in sketchville or shantytown.

So here is the problem - Nova Scotians have been conditioned to accept anything - a job is a job - despite the fact that they are paying you half of what you could be making elsewhere - and the cost of living bullshit doesn't apply because it's unreasonable to think that paying a professional 35K a year would some how enable him/her to afford a $300k home. So frig right off, get your heads out of your asses, wake up, demand a fair wage and then wait and see us "young people" come back. Because until it happens, we will all do the same thing - get our bit of experience there, become so poor its unbearable, move to Ontario and rake in the dough and dream about the day we can afford to come home. —25 Billion Dollars = A Lot of $35k Jobs

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