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Friday, September 23, 2011

Your Pizza is Good But So What

Posted on Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 11:09 AM

To a certain pizzeria---I am DONE with you. I've never had good service over the years but kept going back because your pizza is good, and I want to support business in my hood, but screw you. There's loads of great pizza in this city! 3 times this summer I have ordered pizza and 3 times there have been major delays, and you've not ever offered an apology let alone a little discount on your expensive food. Oh and your "trained" staff have zero customer service skills, better keep training them. I have not complained ever, tonight I did, and your response was to tell me that I was lying and your staff was right? WTF? None of my family or friends will ever give you business again. Oh and your no substitutions rule is way too pompous and ridiculous. We are done with you. —Mad Momma in the North End

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