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Monday, August 29, 2011

Snarky Music Store Hipster

Posted on Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 2:05 PM

Do me a favour. When I ask you when a certain artist's album will be available, don't give me a smart ass answer. Just because your taste in music isn't the same as mine, doesn't give you the right to not do your job.

I purchase a CD, and politely ask you when the new [insert artist here] album comes out. You respond with "I dunno, probably when he stops getting in trouble"

I also suggest that you change the display, as the album that I did purchase was listed as the deluxe version, when in fact there were no deluxe versions ever shipped to your store, according to you. It had the price correct, but the item incorrect. I suggest that you might want to change that as it is undeniably incorrect (either the price is wrong or the item is wrong.) You brush it off "people keep switching it around." The tag is WRONG! No matter where you put it, it'd be wrong. The tag is incorrect, not its location.

This isn't the first time your staff have given me a snotty answer and I think it just might be because some of these hipster indie types look down on hip hop fans. So yeah, when a paying customer asks a question, HELLO?! Answer it to the best of your ability. You could have checked it, it comes out in the next week or so, and I could have called you on your bullshit, but I was nice about it, brushed it off, even tried to make a bit of friendly conversation with you. "I can go home and look it up online" I say to myself. You weren't trying to have it. What, you're too good to converse with a hip hop fan? Yet you know all about the legal troubles of the artist I inquired about? Fuck you. I am one of the few who actually bothers to go out and support artists that I think deserve my hard earned money. I prefer a physical copy to digital, especially bootlegged illegal download. Also, I know that making and marketing music is hard work and downloading is stealing. People like you make me want to boycott your establishment, even if it is the best place that I know of to buy music.

Stop being rude to customers. I guarantee that if I had asked you about an artist whose music YOU enjoy you would have chatted it up with me, and looked up the fucking release date. Nice skin-tight brown corduroys by the way. They really compliment those pretentious fucking thick rimmed glasses and ear spacers. Dude you're pushing 30, and are dressed like an awkward 15 year old, and have the nerve to look down your nose at me? Douchebag. —And You Wonder Why People Download

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