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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fatty Fatty Two by Four

Posted on Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 11:51 AM

Fatty fatty two by four you just shouldn't eat no more. Get up off your fatass you lazy fat slob and go for a long walk - walk like Forest Gump ran-until you're skinny. Or at least until your ass moves back around to behind you. When it's easier for people to jump over you than around you then it's time to stop eating that McBurger and Fries and get going. Save the money you waste on the fried and fatty and buy some nice sneakers. Squeeze into some spandex - who cares how bad that looks in the beginning. Looking gross in spandex only happens when you happen to be sitting at a King of Fat-rears shoving food down an already maxed out grog. If people give you bad or nasty looks while you are working off that lardass you grew into - flip them the finger and tell them to kiss you where you shit. Being fat is a choice just like being lazy. Think about it, if people were born fat and lazy then they wouldn't have learned to crawl or walk when they were babies. You turned into a fat lazy slob after years of practice. Now is the time to change that behaviour and become the skinny energetic person that you have hidden away under pounds and pounds of fleshy fat. This ain't a hate to your fat self it's a wake up call to your skinny self. Skinny let fatty play for a long time now it's skinny's turn. —The Skinny Biotch in Spandex


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