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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hotel Etiquette for Dummies

Posted on Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 10:46 AM

Myself and some of my friends work in hotels both here in Halifax and in various provinces across Canada. It seems when people go on vacation they leave their brains, and therefore common sense, at home. We figured we'd pass along some helpful hints to you. We understand you've often been stuck in the car and/or on a plane and are therefore a weary traveller. That, however, does not give you a free pass to be a jerk.

Here are some helpful hints for staying in hotels:

-We are not a glorified babysitting service, please do not let your children run amok and expect us to know where they are. Likewise, hotel furniture and luggage carts are not playground equipment.

-Keep your room doors closed at all times. Hotels are not liable if you cannot be bothered to keep your doors closed and locked.

-Please wait to ask questions until after we've gotten you checked in. We will infact answer all of your questions about our hotel without you having to ask. It's part of the required check in process. After that if you have questions go ahead and ask.

-Sold out means we're sold out. Really, it does.

-Being polite with the front desk staff will get you further than being an ignorant ass will.

-"The signs outside say I have to pay for parking. Do I really?". Um, yes. Yes you do.

-If you are calling a hotel in Canada the price given will be in Canadian dollars.

-Standing at the desk and bouncing back and forth when checking in asking "Who wants me?" doesn't amuse us as much as it does you.

-We don't just dole out free upgrades. If you want the upgraded room you have to pay for it. Period.

-No you cannot hangout and drink in the lobby. The lobby, kind sir, is a public place. The last time I checked you couldn't drink in public.

-If you encounter a problem during your stay please let the front desk know right away. Telling us at check out does nothing. Letting us know in advance gives us the chance to fix the problem. Waiting until you leave does not. And don't expect a discount of any sort if you can't be bothered to give us a chance to rectify the situation.

-Do not show up at the hotel at 9am and expect there to be a room ready for you. People are still in the rooms and rightfully so until check out time. Yelling and screaming and cursing will not work.

Anyway, we really do want you to enjoy your vacation, however being a tourist doesn't mean you get to be a moron. We realize we can't make everyone happy, but we do our best to ensure the vast majority of you are. Just please do not leave home without your common sense. —Hotel Staff Everywhere

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