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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Canada, Are You Serious?

Posted on Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 9:52 AM

After reading your proposed changes I truly believe that this is simply the first step to try to eliminate the program.

Your list of “concerns” seems to be an accumulation of all the old stereotypes that have been put forward for many years. I personally would like to know what percentage of licensed patients actually have experienced any of the items on the list. It appears to be the same propaganda that the US government has been attempting to use for years on their failed “War on Drugs”. At what point are we going to stop spending billions of dollars on something that cannot be enforced? At what point are we going to stop ruining the lives of individuals by giving them a criminal record for something that to most is socially, medically and morally acceptable? Politics has no place in medicine and health care. Manipulating numbers, scare tactics and misinformation is a very poor way to address the health of people like myself. For the very first time in my over 50 years of life I feel ashamed of the Canadian Government.

In regards to the licensed commercial producers concept I believe this is simply a way to overprice the medicine thus stopping people from using due to financial reasons. Once this happens it will be very easy to stop the program all together under the guise of lack of use by patients. What steps are planned for keeping prices in line? Will this form yet another underground market? Presently the product being sold retails for approximately $5 per gram if ordered from the government. My cost of growing is less than $2 per gram. Street value goes between $8 and $20 per gram. What prices will be charged by these “commercial producers”? I’m estimating that it will be $15 per gram and higher. So based on my prescription this will cost me $45 plus tax a day for at total of over $16000 per year. Thank you for removing the only medication that elevates my pain without adverse effects on my health, body and well being. I guess it is much simpler for me to go back to “opiates” lose my job and become a burden on my family and society.

If these proposed changes do come into effect will you be mandating health insurance plans cover the cost of my medicine? If not it only substantiates my hypotheses of your attempt to eliminate the program.

It is my firm belief that if these changes come into effect it will be you the Canadian Government that will increase the illicit sale of my medicine. It will be you who increases the criminal element. It will be you who ruins mine and many other people’s lives.

Please I beg of you let me stay a functional member of society, let me control my pain in a simple non-narcotic manner at an affordable price. Let me attempt to live my life. —Yes, it is Medicine

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