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Monday, July 11, 2011

This is Why We Have Such a High Crime Rate

Posted on Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 11:08 AM

A while ago, two men in their 20s walked into a bar on a Saturday night. It was a relatively quiet Saturday night, headlined by a Blues band, the name of which I can't recall now. The pair looked and acted out of place. Staring down other patrons, obviously and intentionally invading others' personal space, everything about their bullshit wanna-be-gangster attitude suggested they weren't there for the music but just to pick a fight with some guy dumb enough not to realize exactly that.

Later in the evening, I was standing outside having a smoke minding my own business when these two delinquents joined me outside. They did not have the sense to confine themselves to the sidewalk as most pedestrians do, instead standing in the middle of the street. It was at that point that a cop car drove by slowly. Rather than getting the fuck out of the way, these idiots moved slightly out of the way and one of them KICKED the cop car. Yes, 'kicked', as in using one's foot to exert force against an object or person. The kick was obviously hard enough, as the cop car actually stopped. "Finally we'll be rid of these morons" I thought. I was wrong.

The cruiser, which was manned by two officers, merely came to a brief stop, one of the officers stuck his head out of the window and said something along the lines of "Watch yourself" and just drove off.

You fucking pussies. These guys were obviously disrespecting you, your profession, and everything you stand for. You did... nothing. You just took it like some little bitch. You were either too scared or lazy to get out of the car, I don't care, whatever the reason, you're a fucking disgrace to what you call a police "force".

This is why people are shooting and stabbing each other almost every fucking day in this little city. They know you just can't be bothered to really give a shit and get up off your asses and actually do something effective to stop the violence. You let these two hoodlums walk all over you, sending a signal of indifference or worse, you actually gave the impression of being intimidated by these two fucktards.

Your jobs aren't just to administer traffic checks on weekdays (how many violators are you catching anyway during commute hours?) or to pull people over for talking on their cell phones. We have a major problem here. People are fucking dying and you are the people WE pay to get that shit under control. To serve and "protect" - yeah right. —Reason #426 to Leave Halifax

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