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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out Comes the Truth

Posted on Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 11:35 AM

So you couldn't tell me during the last year the real reason you don't want to be involved with me anymore. You left me with so many questions. You give the tired "school/career" excuse. I pegged you for a much more mature and open person. You don't owe me an explanation, fine. It was almost a year ago, it took some time, but I'm over it.

Now you go and tell my friend, who you work with, the real reason.

What. The. Fuck. For one thing, the reason is bullshit, I still think you're making excuses for just being inconsiderate and selfish. But, why couldn't you have either a) been up front and honest with me in the first place, especially since you say you really do want to be friends or b) just dropped it instead of so EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY disclosing that information to my friend? That conversation you had with him, last week, should have been had with me, 10 months ago. Or not at all. I understand you work with my friends, and my name will inevitably come up and things will be said. But, you wouldn't have that job if it wasn't for me and I feel kind of disrespected. No one likes their personal business talked about behind their back.

I understand it's tough to tell someone the truth, and you're under no obligation to tell someone the real reason you don't want to date/be with them any more, but don't bring it up to one of my best friends almost a year later. Just let it be and keep your mouth shut about it if you can't even be straight with me. It's just infuriating and disrespectful. I spent months trying to figure out why you just disappeared out of my life the way you did and it was like pulling teeth just to get you to have a Facebook convo with me. Then you turn around and freely volunteer this information to someone you don't even know all that well.

You definitely aren't who I thought you were. The girl I knew would never have done something like that. This just brings so many stupid feelings and "what ifs" back that I really don't need right now. Just shut the fuck up about it or talk to me and have the conversation that I've been trying to have with you since September. Fuck. — Retroactively Slapped in the Face

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