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Monday, April 18, 2011

It's There For Me, Not You

Posted on Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 4:00 AM

I never bitch. I calm down, collect myself, and get over my issue before I ever have a chance to bitch on The Coast; but I'm still mad so here goes. I know everyone has issues with self entitled pregnant woman who think the world should stop turning because they're pregnant... and I completely agree. I'm almost 8 months, uncomfortably pregnant with a little man who has set up shop sideways and made it hard for me to walk, and sit at my desk, and even breathe at times... but I put on a smile and get up every morning, get my son ready for daycare, come to work and I'm as efficient as ever. I take my son to the park when I'm tired, I cook diner, clean my house, do laundry, have sex (even when I'm tired), I'm not complaining or slowing down when I can find the energy. I'm grateful everyday that I have this person inside me and all the blessings I have in my life.

BUT, when I go to a grocery store at 6 pm with my son and I'm beat from the day and go to take advantage of the pregnancy reserved spot for the first time ever and a FAT SON OF BITCH HAIRY BASTARD 50 YEAR OLD PIG in his little compact piece of shit car decides to park in it one car ahead of me... well, I'm a little upset. I mention nicely to him about the reserved sign and he looks at me with a smug look and says, "I'm not pregnant" and keeps walking. I've never wanted to physically harm or spit in anyone's face in my entire life but for that brief moment if my son was not in the car I would have gotten out and assaulted you, or keyed your vehicle. You sir, are what is wrong with society today. No one cares. No one has respect. No one has common courtesy. Luckily I'll be 10 times the person your mother was and raise my boys right! —Mama Bear

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