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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jump on The Caravan

Posted on Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 12:52 PM

Riddle me this, The Coast! How is it that a band which is nominated for Hip Hop Single Track Recording of the Year for this year's ECMA's, Music Nova Scotia's Hip-Hop Recording of the Year AND won your Best Vinyl this year/a previous runner-up for your Best New Artist 2010, STILL has no Showcase at The ECMAs? And didn't have one at Nova Scotia's Music Week? I know those illustrious hip hoppers applied! What does that even mean about the way our music industry runs or how we support our local talent locally? No, they aren't the status quo-- and that's why we love these bros! Why isn't the industry jumping on The Caravan?

Novelty alone, they win the throne. These beauties are hard working and delightful and actually play all LIVE, Haligonian hip hop. AND HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR GLORY LIVE??? That is where their magic is, and yet industry professionals and audiences are getting robbed of the opportunity to be enchanted by their sincerity and skill. They are not an apparition: They're a real, struggling, stupendous, band o' beauties. Goodness gracious, if this is how the industry hypocritically treats its hard-working, nearly-there sorts no wonder people leave the province to thrive... you need to be seen to get heard. They might not be scenesters or herd-able, but people love their sound and Halifax deserves their better brand of hip hop. Stop kickin' these beauties in the buns and give 'em some love! —Need to Play Live to Thrive

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