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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sick of Inconsiderate Smokers

Posted on Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Why do some smokers still think it is appropriate to light up wherever they like and blow smoke in the faces of those that choose not to smoke? First of all, it is disgusting and it smells like shit. Second of all, it causes cancer. I don't care if smokers get lung cancer, but I DO care about my own health. Third of all, it's AGAINST THE LAW to smoke in a public place and right beside an entranceway. There are SIGNS that tell you not to smoke, so step away!

This bitch is directed toward the bitch at a grocery store in Clayton Park on Friday morning that was smoking directly under a no smoking Halifax by-law sign. People walking down the ramp can't get away from you, so they are forced to breathe in your disgusting shit-smelling smoke. When I told you there was a sign above your head that says "NO SMOKING" and referenced the halifax by-law, you said "thanks" and continued smoking. Then when I was on my way back, I walked around the ramp so I wouldn't have to endure the stinky, poisonous bi-product of your disgusting habit and you laughed as I walked by and muttered something under your breath. The people in the restaurant next door knew who you were and said you smoke there all the time. Just wanted to tell you, what a BITCH you are and I hope you get cancer. —Against Smoking that Affects my Health

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