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Monday, November 29, 2010

Shut up, shut up, please shut up

Posted on Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 11:53 AM

Long time reader, first time bitcher. Wow do I hate my upstairs neighbour. I didn't want to live on a lower floor, but at the time there wasn't much choice for somewhat affordable (not sure what "affordable" means anymore) apartments within a 15 minute bike ride to the university. Coming from Toronto it was kind of a gamble. We were assured multiple times that this was a very quiet building. Everyone else is kind and normal except one.

Frizzy-haired, rude, ugly troll that lives above me: you are apparently over 50, a health care worker (I feel bad for your co-workers and the public), and a mother/grand-mother. Wouldn't you have more sense? Why do you blast your TV and crappy music through my floor? I like TV and music, but I've never had a complaint in any of the 8 or so apartments I've lived in, because I'm fucking respectful of others. We talked to you politely twice and you were so charmingly rude, threatening, and told us to move out if we didn't like it. So I've just been putting up with your loud noise, which you blast on random days at random times. I know you're not deaf, but you soon will be. I guess I should count myself lucky that trolls sleep too and I can rest at night. And why the fuck do you stomp around with your shoes on for 20 mins before you leave and 20 mins when you return? No wonder you vacuum every day, ever hear of a boot tray?

We've complained to the landlord many times about your tv/music crap, but he seems intimidated by you for some reason and won't do anything useful about your noise since it's before 10-11pm. That's bullshit, I don't care what time it is, you shouldn't have your shit loud enough to disturb others from enjoying their own apartment!

Many of us cannot afford houses and mortgages, especially with a person going to school trying to study and do assignments, etc. We pay rent too, pretty high rent actually, and deserve peace and quiet at home. You are a bully and you don't own the building. You don't own a brain or a heart either. I'm glad I'm a better person than you, even if I am too cowardly to enact revenge. The neanderthal mentality of you and your lead-footed brood will probably make you damage something of mine with the bowling balls you like to drop. —Last considerate person on earth?


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