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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rock and Roll Ghost Town

Posted on Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 9:13 PM

I'm beginning to wonder if playing in a band based out of Halifax is really worth it anymore. We have some really cool venues here and there's plenty of interesting musicians to go and see, but where the hell are the audiences?

Fifteen years ago, myself and all my friends would wait all week to take in as many shows as possible on weekends. It wasn't just about drinking, it was about taking in some culture and supporting local artists. You could walk out of some gigs just beaming cuz the bands were so good or the audience so involved and connected. Those are really powerful moments.

Now I know there's a ton a of mediocre bands in the city (every city has their share), but the majority are actually really, good regardless of genre.

Get off the couch, FB, iPhone, whatever and plop down your $5-$10 (prices for local shows having NOT gone up in over a decade) and take in a live show. Have a beer, meet a boy/girl, talk to the bands, we really want to see you come out. Even if we only make 50 bucks, having a great audience makes it ALL worthwhile. Any musician will tell you so.

Here's hoping that the lure of unlimited free (stolen) downloadable music will eventually become boring enough that you all get off your lazy asses and venture out into the real world. Where do you think all that content comes from anyway? —Give the band a hand


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