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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get your own man!

Posted on Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 3:08 AM

Ok, I get it, my boyfriend is hot and he plays in a band. I couldn't agree with you more. I have no problem with the couple of groupies he has. The groupies buy his merch and cd's so I'm all for them because when he makes extra money at gigs I get taken out for a nice date so go, groupies, go!

I tend to lay back a bit after the shows I attend so he can talk to the girls and guys who come up to the stage. I am not a jealous person but I have a moral line that I won't cross and it irritates me that there are whores out there that only have no line...only several large, gaping, empty holes that they want filled with my boyfriends penis.

For the blonde bob-cut chick who invited him to a party at her house after the show. Take a hint honey, he said no. Then he said that he had plans after the show with his girlfriend. Then when you asked who his girlfriend was and he pointed to me...a foot away, listening (and kind of laughing) at the whole situation, you said that I looked like the ugliest Kardashian sister and that he could do better.

You know what... you're not his type, honey. He likes tits and ass for one thing and these double d's above this 30 inch waist is much more his style than your figure of an 11 year old boy. Nice try with the padded push up bra btw but there are not supposed to be giant gaps in the cups that your t-shirt crumples into.

And your little blond inverted bob haircut was probably really trendy 3 years ago but now it's just tired, besides, he digs grabbing my jet black long hair while we're doing it doggy style so your short hair in back would be too close to fucking the drummer... he kind of has the same haircut as you.

also, wtf did I ever do to you? I honestly don't care when girls hit on him and he doesn't really mind when guys hit on me, as long as we go home with each other...who cares, maybe we'll even pretend to be one of the other people in our little fuck games.

Most girls find he has a girlfriend and back off but for the few that don't. Get some self esteem. We've been together 8 years, lived together for 5, no we're not legally married (by choice) but it's not like we just met. I've come across a few losers like you and you chicks are all the same.

Also, you're mistaking one thing, when I said I saw your reality show with your 8 kids and that you could probably drive a mack truck up that by now, you called me a bitch.

Honey, I'm not A bitch...I'm THE bitch —The bitch with the boyfriend in the band


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