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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear flabby-assed, know-nothing, button nosed shitsack,

Posted on Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 11:16 AM

A loose turd floating in a bucket of stale pee would make better parenting decisions than you. You exemplify a stupidity and a depth of ignorance usually reserved for the mentally retarded homeschooled children of Klan members in Alabama. The thought of touching you without the use of some kind of long stick is vomit-inducing. But you're a mom, and having come from a long line of purebred backwood scumbags, you have held up the tradition of pure white trash and pioneered new and exciting approaches to the field of being a complete fucking asshole with no regard for anyone but yourself.

Well, guess what? You're a fraud and a phony, and your bullshit veneer will smear its way off your ugly, pimple encrusted face, and back into the sewer eventually. As has always been the case, everyone you know will come to see you for the insane, irrational, superficial salty-tipped fuck-stick you are and tell you to eat a bag of dicks. (Though you'll probably have eaten half the bag by that point anyway, cause you're soooo hungry) It's gonna happen. They will all hate you. You will be alone and miserable. And you will deserve every bit of it. I hope you get a disease that makes your crotch fester and swarm with larvae, leaving your lower abdomen useless and forcing piss and shit to come out of your face.

You can't justify your lousy parenting with education, and saying "what are you going to do" when you ignore your kids needs to focus on deceiving men into taking care of you just shows what a depraved shit-stain on society you really are. Years from now, when you're crawling out of an alley begging passers by to let you suck their dicks for spare change, I hope you remember how horrible you were and what hell you put people through.

Karma, I'm sure you'll find, can be an even bigger bitch than you. —I lied, you always looked fat

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