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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Posted on Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 11:42 AM

I know of an old lady who used to date my boyfriend before I dated him. For a while i was caught up on her, thought there may have been something more than was actually there. But now I know that there is nothing there and i feel good about that.

But old lady: you still annoy me, I think you are the definition of a cockwhore. I don't like those terms, I find them degrading to women and I believe that they derive from pornography. But you, my dear old lady, are such a pathetic character, that simply in order to understand you properly I must contradict my reality. You are a pigfucker, haha, and he doesn't care about you and you are a pathetic excuse for a woman. A bad mom, a mediocre employee with a mediocre job, trashy hair and makeup, no self respect that I can see and overall a pathetic hound dog.

Your desperation and the end of your relationship is exactly the type of behaviour I model myself around NOT being. You are a walking cliche and yet I find you to be the personifocation of a sick taboo. Old lady for young cock. You are disgusting.

When you and my bf first met (or first fucked, same thing) you facebooked him the next day with your number "just in case he felt like talking to you". Haha. That is your approach. Blechy.

Then you leech yourself on like a comfortable little cat and cook and clean and fix and mend things. You are pig fucker. Haha. And they way you search for a particular kind of young cock, as though you crave it. You make me sick.

I know this makes me look bad, but I've wanted for months to just get these gross things off my chest and just say 'em. I don't know how true they all are, but from what I have seen and read, the little shreds of evidence were enough to deduce my opinions from... Moms getting their club tits squeezed at the club while daughter looks on in drunken amusement... and maybe embarassment? Can't tell, but not a sign of good mothering... The evidence-reasoning pattern generally follows the above format. anyhow... toodles—Meh

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