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Monday, April 12, 2010

Burn me once, shame on me, burn my kid...

Posted on Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 10:39 AM

You know who you are...you're the jerk who I used to send my kids to after you'd bullied me into it, despite my better judgement.

You took them to a home that makes Hoarders look like a cakewalk, (and it wasn't even yours!) sent them back to me, winter coats literally dripping with urine, feces days dried still clinging to bums, hair matted, sugared up on doughnut holes and hot chocolate because you can't be bothered to give them something you have to make an effort for.

You sent them home with days of nightmares, waking up begging not to have to do this or that with you... Stuff suggested that sounds like a horrible SVU plot.

When a baby is sent home with a burn that almost encircles the entire thigh, things have gone too far. Even if the Halifax Police insists it isn't abuse or even neglect, (After all, a kid's gotta be dead or close to it before they intervene.), it is.

Suck it up, because you screwed you, quit bitching and bemoaning on how things aren't your fault. Quit tracking down every ex I ever had to dig up dirt, quit stalking me and my friends, physically or over the net. Spend your effort fixing your mental issues and trying to become someone who can care for their kids..It's a much better way to spend your energy.—Staying Silent Isn't Working

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