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Monday, April 12, 2010

"An Interim Report from the Field"

Posted on Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Before laying out the strategy as embodied in "The Grid" as mentioned in my last post, I think it appropriate that the regular readers of my submissions should be informed about the events on that "darkling plain" as they have transpired so far. Since the battle is not yet over, I have entitled this post, "An Interim Report from the Field."

What is transpiring is, in effect, a battle on two fronts. The main offensive, the unfolding of my masterful theory of the Underclass in Halifax, is proceeding apace, rolling up the Underclass rabble before it in spectacular fashion. Organized resistance is in disarray. I predict we shall soon be tasting the fruits of victory.

However, there is a second front, a skirmishing action on the flanks as embodied in the "Comments" section appearing beneath my submissions. I usually make it a practice to respond to batches of 20 or so in order to make my replies more accessible to the individual senders - it's little more than good pedagogical practice - who, for the most part, are none other than the Redneck Strutters. Indeed, only this morning I replied to the first batch - it's like swatting flies, really - but by now I'm sure the number has grown. (There were 200 Comments on "Further Reflections on the Underclass in Halifax: Excavating the Concept," can you imagine?) I can tell you now that the rabble is in disarray. The redneck strutters are used to dishing it out but they're not so used to taking it. Justifiably, they are beginning to "look over their shoulders."

What is important about this skirmishing action, in addition, of course, to the ineffable style with which I dispatch their ramblings, is that the major offensive and the flanking attacks are symbiotic in nature. On reading "Assessing the Underclass Markers: Targeting the Redneck Strutters" and unable to contain their choler, the redneck strutters rush to their computers to record their comments. Conversely, on reading their comments and listening to their "minds" at work in their words, I gain additional insight into what, after all, is the point of this exercise - uncovering the Underclass Mind.

So I leave you with this Interim Report dear readers, and know that I enjoy your full support. Do not fear, victory shall be ours!

Cheerio!—Montreal Man

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